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Kristian Jercic

First time going through regency, looking for a bit of advice :)

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damn it, ive just been told by other mates who have gone through regency that a z32 is a no go :(


another question that i mentioned earlier about the fog lights

originally, the yellow foglights only came on with the high beams on as well, the fog light button itself only turned on the parkers.

I found another plug that goes into the yellow fog lights socket. when this is plugged in the foglights button will turn the fog lights on, as well as the parkers.

just wondering should the fog lights still come on with the high beams automatically, or should they be on a seperate switch. I guess it doesn't matter as i can also push the foglights button when ever high beams are on, not a huge inconvenience lol

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Never mind about the above question, i've sorted that out, but I have to ask, should the low beams stay on when switching to high beams?

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