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Front S14 Spindle to Nissan 180sx S13 Shock Mount 5 Lug Sleeve Spacer

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Don't drill your coilovers, use these shims so you don't have to be dodgy.


Product Details


Front S14 Spindle to S13 Shock Mount 5 Lug Sleeve Spacer



When undertaking the task of swapping front S14 spindles into a S13 front suspension set up, special spacers/sleeves are needed to torque the coilovers or shock mounts onto the S14 Spindle.



The S13 Bolts that hold the shock/coilover to the spindle are smaller than hole on the S14 spindle. These spacers/sleeves slide into the S14 spindle hole to allow you to use the s13 shock and bolts. After this all is needed is to torque down the bolt, the spindle, and shock/coilover section together. Popular for people doing 5 lug conversion using the s14 front knuckle/spindle assembly.


High quality stainless steel construction to ensure that it does not rust and bind in your spindle.


$30 posted





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