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VW Pictures Thread

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love the new r32




bi turbo r32 - fastest hatch in the world - 323km/h



random mkv shots










dont forget the mk iv either :D



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theres a lot of vids on youtube of turbo mkivs, not so much of the newer mkv, but theres a few kits around for mkivs.


560bhp, o-100 2.8 sec






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theres a link to the one i was talking about. atleast I think thats it haha


ooo and it makes 202mph which is 325km/h so its faster than yours :P maybe its the same one?


yeah same one, they said 202mph where i got the pic from, but they also converted it to 323, which is what i convert 202mph to aswell... 202 x 1.6 = 323 :P


why do they call it an r36? isnt the capacity still 3.2 litres? the r36 is a passat now anyway

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Back into a sports car :)


Just had my first test drive today; goes like a shower of shit! Quite shocked really, I am convinced that it would rip the doors of my old JZX100!!


Have to decide on colour but the guys reckon it only takes 1-2 weeks to get them spec'd up and in the dealership.


6 speed DSG is surprisingly responsive and doesn't feel anywhere near as plastic as I was expecting.


JZX gave me -> :) Then bought an 08 Liberty wagon and got a -> :( Now getting this thing I'm going back to :)


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