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Series 6 white face cluster install into Series 8 - HELP!

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Hey everyone,


I recently purchased a white-faced 10,000rpm/300kmph instrument cluster.

Have tried installing it, all the plugs are the same and it fits perfectly. When I turn the key to accessories, all lights and guages light up. Turn key again to start car and nothing! Dead silence... You'd think there was no engine!


I take it out, bit freaked.. and start putting my old one back in. Deep breathe...turn key..car starts up first go as per normal!! WTH IS GOING ON?


Can't find anyyyyy information on the internet if there is anything special that needs to be done to make it work.


Help anyone? :D

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hey man just pull the dash inhalf and replace the gauges individually u will only be able to change the gauges applicable to your car ie.speedo,tacho,fuel.the boost gauge and temp gauges are a 1 piece item

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