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if theres a post on another forum explaining this then please point me there :thumbsup:


I know theres not much more power to get outta the zeds without FI, but just wanting to find out what everyone else has done. The mrs is bored with the power of hers.


First I guess is exhaust with high flows?

intake pipe & pod?

plenum spacer?


Shes currently got a Fujitsubo Legalis R catback.

Was running test pipes but was sooo raspy it sounded like a metallic vibration, got rid of those pretty quickly and put the stock cats back in.


Hers is also the 5AT. Done some reading about changing the valve body to quicken the shift times. Anyone know anything about this?


I dont know much about the zed engine :blush:....i've got an SR :P

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You'll get some small gains in power with those mods... plenum spacer will give you better mid-range, most manufacturers claim about 5-10rwkw. High flow cats about 5-7rwkw. I don't think it's worth doing intake pipe & pod but some people claim a gain (I certainly felt nothing when I changed the standard airbox out for an apex'i pod). Fuel trim + some timing advance will give you another 10rwkw or so. You could also change your final drive. Without going FI the Zed will never be as fast as a modified silvia or skyline in a straight line.

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