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abc123 Training Log

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Started lifting at the end of january this year so aproximatly 3 months

First 2 months were soft averaging about 2 sessions a week.

Im 187cm tall and weigh 95kg atm, when I started training I was 97-98kg, originally when I started It was to just lose fat and drop to 90kg but I want to try stay at 95kg and get strong/lean as possible


After absorbing as much information as possible from this forum and a couple of mates, I changed my diet dramatically 2 weeks ago. I have always eaten relativly healthy just not clean so it been easy to make the switch. Tottally cut bread out of my diet which I feel has made the biggest diference.


I alternate between the following


Steamed chicken breast

Steamed vegies


canned salmon and also raw

Makeral grilled

Protein shakes with water, average 90gram worth of scoops a day

I have started on cottage cheese as well, had 200gram before I went to sleep the other night(felt great the next morning maybe its all in my head haha)


Have also been taking creatine on and off


The first 10 weeks I saw tiny increases in weight but since changing my diet lifts have gone up substantially in the last 2 weeks


Lifts are nothing special yet but the gains have been good

All these 1 rep lifts are after doing PB sets today


Bench: 77.5kg

Deadlift: 135kg

Curl: 45kg + bar so about 53kg give or take

Military press: Forgot to do 1 rep max but did 2 x 7 at 50kg

Bent over rows: was around 60kg x 3 sets of 8


This is a good way to keep track of gains


I keep setting goals for myself with time limits and so far I have reached those goals with alot of time to spare


Next aims are to bench 100kg and deadlift 160kg inside of 2 months

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Gonna be a strong bastard this lad, focused and has determination like ive never seen! Much respect excellent guy to train with!


Just gotta get you squatting heavy now :)

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Yeah im freakishly good at curls, have only started training them in the last month as well,

My weakness is bench and squats


I havnt tried max on squats yet will on saturday, but I started doing squats no weight at all... lol moved up a bit every week now im doing sets with 50kg im hoping to improve on that this week


I train with NJA82 who is on this forum just to show im not bsing


But as markos said diet is everything!

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Dumbbell benchpress

24kg x 10

36 x 10

40 x 8

64 x 7 + 2 assist

64 x 6 + 2 assist

64 x 6 + 2 assist


Incline dumbbell bench

56 x 8

56 x 7

56 x 6


Decline bench

50kg x 10

70kg x 8

70kg x 7

50kg x 16


cabled sit ups on a ball 3 x failure


flys on a machine

3 sets x 8


chest press negatives on a machine 85kg

3 sets





20kg x 10

40kg x 10

60kg x 10

70kg x 20

70kg x 12

70kg x 10


Leg press

193kg x 10

193kg x 11




3 sets of 85kg to failure


Hami curls

3 sets x 15


reverse hami curls

3 sets x 15

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One year of lifting Stats


Squat: 140kg

Deadlift:160kg (dont train deads so happy with that)

Bench: 100kg



8 x 60kg Mp

9 x 28kg dumbell seated shoulder press

5 x 40kg dumbell bench

10x 110kg squats

6 x 50kg curls

5 x widegrip chins bw

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