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94' Prelude Knock Sensor

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Hey guys,


I'm thinking of buying a Honda Prelude 1994 Si but there is a warning going off for the knock sensor.

The engine light will come on only if the car is revved hard. CEL check gives the code for a knock sensor.

I'm wanting to know if the code is coming up because the car is knocking and the timing is being retarded or if it's just saying the sensor is broken.


Thanks in advance for any help

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fist thing to check is that the sensor is bolted down tight. dont wanna go replacing it if its not broken. if it is tight chances are its broken. just remember tho its designed to pick up a specific frequency which it registers as knock might also be a good idea to look for something else that could be rattling and setting it off at high rev's also a timing and compression check would tell you if there is detonation occcouring. check the plugs see wat their telling you. knock sensors are quite tough and rarely break.

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