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Tak's Training Log Last Chance

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I use to go to gym regularly and built up in strength but not much in size.


I did a split routine consisting of Chest/Bicep Day, Back/Tricep Day and Shoulder/Traps.

As you see i didn't any legs and i have pigeon legs. I guess this workout worked as i was dedicated and built up my strength.


Finished Uni, started a telemarketing job which physically drained me and made me eat at the wrong times.

Since finishing Uni which is about 2 years ago i stopped going to gym well i went on and off. And started to become really weak compared to my peak.


Now i've decided to get back into it and do it properly this time. Eat Sleep Train!


I'm about 175cms and 56kg lol don't worry i'm not anorexic just your typical asian


I'm doing the Skinny Guy routine. Did my first training session yesterday. Still trying to establish the weights i can do since i haven't attempted the exercises in the Skinny Guy routine before. My legs are sore and i can't walk properly(I HATE STAIRS!!!). I was wondering if i can hit the gym and do the upper body exercises while the legs are still aching or should i wait for my legs to recover and do the whole routine?

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Lol i remember the first time i did squats and couldnt walk for a week, fond memories haha.


Yeah go to the gym and smash your upper body.


Also i found swimming and stretching helped get me moving half properly as well.


Also if you havent yet, invest in a foam roller. They are a life saver!



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11th October 2010


Couldn't do squats legs still hurt from last session


Bench 45x8 45x7 35x10

Chin Ups 13 9

SLDL still trying to get use to the technique so i don't hurt myself on this one

Standing Military Press 15x8 20x8 25x6

Barbell Curls 15x8 20x5 15x8

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Chin Ups




Bent Rows





Military Press




Ezy Bar Bicep Curl




Going to USA for 2 weeks so won't be able to train whilst i'm away.

But i've been watching some youtube clips on exercises so when i come back i'm going to make sure i get my techniques right

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Sorry to do this to your thread..i really need to up my game..i'm the same sorta specs as you....no where fkn near the strength tho..

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