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hey guys im going into the military and once i get in im going to by a present for myself (a nice 03-04 z along with a "few" mods). im wanting to go down the FI path and i want to do it right the first time what are your suggestions. (im looking at the APS twin turbo kit this is basically the kit that im going to get) what are a few basic supporting mods that you guys would suggest i.e engine internals. aside from the turbo kit itself im looking to spend an additional grand or so.

APS tubor kit





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Hi there. I know a guy with the APS twin turbo. Makes alot of power, but because the engine is tight to begin with, the turbos are located at the back of the engine near the gearbox. Cooling is super essential. Make sure you go to an experienced fitter/ tuner. I have a track z, non turbo. I've just put a new exhaust on it, pod, i have way more response with acceleration now. You could also get a sprint booster and a plenum spacer. Simple things which aren't that expensive in retrospective to a turbo kit.

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Wise words Emily!


You really need to take your time and open your wallet wide when you plan on TT a Zed....

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these injectors came with my replacement engine and wondering what they could be.

made by jecs;


red topped sidefeed injectors, has JECS and a46-00 stamped on the tail, and the numbers 2702 and 0C55 stamped on the top


ive done all the normal searchs and come up with the possibilities of it being stock maybe s15 480cc or maybe nismo 740ccs as pretty sure jecs makes nismo injectors


hoping to get them checked out and flow tested one of these days, but would be good if anyone could help identify these.


also theyve been sitting around for about a year, would they still be ok?



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Hey Mate,

You can run around 4psi safely any more than that and the piston rings wont hold. If you want to boost will need to build the engine so be prepare to drop some serious cash.

390Whp @ 4900 Running 15 PSI (290Kw)

650Nm of Torque


• HKS 3037GT Single Turbo Kit

• Haltech PP with Boost Controller

• JE Forged Pistons & Rings

• H-Beam Conrods

• HKS Head gasket Kit

• ACL Racing Bearings

• ARP Main/Head Studs

• CJM Fuel Return system

• Walbro Fuel Pump

• HKS 545cc injectors

• HKS Super Fire Spark Plugs

• Kinetix SSV Intake Manifold

• AAM Throttle Body Spacer

• Turbosmart Dual Port BOV Recirculated

• GT II Wastegate

• Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator

• Aluminum Fan Shroud with dual fans

• Z1 Silicone hose kit (15)

• Oil Cooler

• Power steering cooler

• CD009 Transmission

• Southbend TZ Kevlar Clutch

• Lightweight Flywheel

• Chromoly Clutch Pivot Ball

• Stainless Steel Clutch Line

• Eibach springs

• Akebono BBK

• Stoptech 14" Drilled & Slotted rotors

• Stainless Steal Break Lines

• 20" Vertini Fairlady - Front 9.5" Rear 10.5"

• Tinted Windows

• Tommy Kaira Heavy Baby Gear Knob

• HKS Turbo Timer

• Peak & Warn Gauges - boost, oil temp, fuel pressure.

• 7" JVC touch screen with GPS+ 12" Eclipse SUB Audison Amp

• 3" to 2.25 dual Exhaust

• Personalized Plates

+ Rerounted crankcase venterlation with oil catch & I Have some Dual wideband O2 sensors to go on.


This is my "build thread" &Full list of my "supporting mods"

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