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Blacky's training log

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Hey all, I was training with ghosty a year and a half ago till he sold his weights and then proceeded to not get any sort of home gym or membership and turn back into a weakling. I weigh around 70kg's and am around 185cm tall so fairly slim at the moment. I have a membership at jetts which is pretty lame but 24/7 which is good as I work nights. So I started on Tuesday after work and am planning on putting in some solid work (train every day but Sundays) until uni goes back and then continue to train but only 3 days a week.


So far I have been 5 days and today had a rest, doing squats, military and bench press with dumbells, chins, curls, bent rows (I've been doing them wrong but have checked youtube and know how to do them correctly now) and a couple of other things. However I came on here to find the skinny guy routine so I don't waste my time (ghosty taught me a bit, but I have heaps to learn).


Anyway, I have a couple of questions to start off with and am hoping some of the more knowledgable people can help me. Firstly, is it ok to train 6 days per week? If I do, should I alternate the excerises and maybe do lower body one day, then upper body the next... Or am I overdoing it? Secondly, the Jetts I go to only has a smith machine and a machine that is more like lifting a wheelbarrow (ie you hold onto the handles and lift). I don't want to use the smith machine for a few reasons (unnatural form etc). Is the wheelbarrow (what's it called too?) style ok? The best I squatted with ghosty was 90kg on my shoulders, but I can already squat 100kg's for more than 12 reps on the wheelbarrow thing...


That's all for now until I can think of something else. Cheers, Sam.



So, from tomorrow my routine will be:



10 min warm up jog/rowing machine


Squat 3 x 10

Bench press 3 x 8

Bent row 3 x 8

Military press 3 x 8

SLDL 3 x 8

BB curl 3 x 8

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