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Need a near stock FC SE QLD as donar for Vmount group buy

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Ok peoples I'm running a group buy on another forum & have people ready to proceed. I've ran into a few technical issues with finishing the final design.


Below is a complete cut n paste from the other forum Ausrotary in a hope that maybe some boosters might be able to assist me.

Please let me know if you cannot access the links.


Got a dilema.


Anyone in SE QLD considering buting a decent V-mount intercooler kit want to donate their car as a test car for the V-mount group buy Im running? Needs to be near stock engine bay wise and NO AirCon (kit will work on car with AirCon but need a non aircon car to make up the option 2 intake pipe for the kits that will run where the compressor sits) dont want to be removing some ones compressor just to measure up a pipe but will be willing to if I have no other option.


Link to group buy and all info.




Ok reporting back' date=' I have a few issues at the moment. I've been in hospital for coming on 3 weeks (i hopefully get out Tues). I also have had the guy with the test stock RX7 pull the plug on doing the install on his car so now I have a kit ready to roll thats untested or fitted on the car. Not willing to let any kits go until I know 100% they fit no bullshit off production.

So im at a point where my build car is ready for dummy fit of the motor....however im running Series 8 & different pipes cause of how modified my car is. I'm in desperate need of a stock test car to fit to when I get out of here. Last thing is to make the two pipes for AC & non-AC.


Need a stock FC without AC in SE QLD somewhere?



Put it this way I'm happy to do a kit reduced price to get these done if I can have a stock or near stock car to fit too I will need it for long enough to do up full instructions as well.


Close to final prices are at home& im still in hospital till Tuesday. I can't trade off too much in the way of cost seeming who ever the car doner is will be getting free fitting and wiring in of all fans etc. incidentals may need to be covered like a new or relocated battery. This is additionals I'm not willing to pay for and is the only thing left up to the doner car owner. Other small things like all bolts or small things things that are not accounted for in the prices I have tallied up at home will need to be factored in & paid for when the car is finished.


I have photos of the complete kit minus pipes n silicone hose at home right now.


So expressions of interest to get things rolling again are open. Keep in mind this kit will be installed after hours and my health is still on the mend, so need not a daily driver off someone if possible.


Feel free to PM or Text 0409 576 814. Im still in hospital atm tho.[/quote']

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