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JDM EP3 Type R

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What do you guys think of the JDM Honda Civic Type R EP3. Worth the 20k?


I know it does something like 158kw. revs like a beast. exterior design is a fail. upside stock recaro buckets

seen the vid on youtube of top gear comparing the newer CTRs and they all say the ep3 is shitloads better

especially in power to weight ratio and handling (independent rear suspension).


some specs:


Engine: DOHC i-Vtec K20a 2.0l 4 cyl

Displacement: 1998cc

Power: 215ps 212bph @8000rpm (158kw) 0-60mph 6.6s

Torque: 202nm @7000rpm

FWD Lsd gear box short throw shift

Brakes: front-vent disc, rear-solid disc

weight: 1210kg


its a 2001 model preface lift. on sale for 21k carsales. LINK: http://www.carsales....01622&silo=1011

if you have time what are some possible mods

like cold air + exhaust. Please be brand specific so i can find it thanks. nothing too radical like quad throttle

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nice car but in my opinion not worth 20k. you can almost get an evo 7 for that money or a nice s15. both cars would crap on the civic any day. the only reason i would buy it is if i was a diehard honda fan, in which case money shouldnt matter too much.

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Great little car! I have owned mine for about 8mths now... Good fun even in stock form, even better once lightly modified!

No troubles with the police as yet. Very fun to drive! Great daily car. For the price I can't complain, since when have honda's been cheap? and type r's for that matter. I'd search for a later 2002 model with lower km's if you're fussy. But for that price it's not too bad.


More info on my experience + parts I put in can be found in here: RPS.13's EP3 (you'll need to become a member first) it's free!!!


Become a member in here: http://www.ozhonda.com/forum/forum.php


Read through this: 950 pages of EP3 goodness!!! Thread: EP3 Type R

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