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Turbo leak? Weird noise? Smoke? Help!

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Good day, well I just noticed smoke comming out from turbo/manifold side and thought it might be a cracked manifold gasket or turbo to manifold gasket.. But then I jacked car up to look under and found some oil or coolant looking crap all over my turbo..


Also it's not idling right, it's wanting to turn off on me sometimes on start up.


Any suggestions?? I'll post a pic of under the car in a bit.. Thanks :)

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sounds like 2 problems.


Manifold/head gasket leak or turbo/manifold leak


Coolant leak also, when you figure out which gasket is cactus, go over your coolant/oil lines when putting back on. mite need new copper washers etc or just a tighten up.


While the engine is cold you should be able to feel around after first start up for the leak.

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