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Warming up and preparing for 1RM

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Hey all, 3 weeks out of finishing the intermediate program I'm doing at the moment, will be going for my 1RM at the end of it to see where I'm at for squats, bench and dead's.

Generally going to follow this warm-up progression I poached from T-Nation.




Wondering what some of you guys are doing when you reach this phase, types of prep and warm-up sets you do.


Also, should I be going straight into attempting this from a 5x5 program or should I be training singles for a couple weeks leading up?

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That warm up progression seems reasonable. I don't think it's necessary to do a singles program beforehand when it's just a 1RM for personal measurement (as opposed to in a competition).

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personally i chuck in a week of 3x3 and doubles to get my body used to the weight of 1RM

as always just do what feels right for you :)

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